About Me

Jennifer Cooney VulpasIt’s a family thing. I’ve grown up with artists all around me. In my childhood home, our walls were covered with paintings by my cousins, my uncles, great uncles, great great uncles, aunts, grandmother, and others. This taught me that there was no other way to live unless there was art as part of it.

I have worked as an art director and a graphic designer. When I designed something, if I needed a picture, I would make one for my project. Over time, I liked making pictures better. So I made only pictures and left the print design to someone else. I’ve never looked back!

I put stories in my pictures. My graphic design background taught me much about shape, balance and communication. However, I also add joy, action and whimsy to my pictures.

When people submit a project, I read the words, talk to the client, and extract the concepts to create the image. I make the illustration to convey the story and emotion.

Thank you for taking time to look at my pictures. I hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as I liked creating them.

Jennifer Cooney Vulpas
Freelance Illustrator since 1990